Chris Ng Qi Jiang 

Professional Experience 
I have 4.5 years of experience in coaching clients from all walks of life.

Their goals mainly include:
- Fat loss 
- Building muscle
- Body recomposition
- Strength & Conditioning
- Increasing cardiovascular endurance
- Muaythai
- Improving mobility
- Learning to move better
- Achieving a healthy lifestyle
- Improving their overall nutrition 

Certifications & Qualifications 
- Certified Personal Trainer (National Council on Strength & Fitness)
- Certified Nutritionist (International Sports Sciences Association)
- Certified Weight Management Specialist (International Sports Sciences Association)
- Certificate in Exercise Prescription for Special Populations (Youth, Elderly & Pregnant) (International Sports Academy)
- Certificate in Behavior Change in Exercise (Personal Training Academy Global)
- Muaythai Kickboxing for Personal Trainers Level 1 & 2 (Fitness Edutraining Asia)
- CPR + AED Certified (International Sports Sciences Association) 

Personal Statement 
I can’t guarantee you’ll lose 5kg in a month, or build highly defined abs in a week, but I can promise if you’re willing to put in the effort and discipline, we will make significant progress in your fitness journey. Passion and dedication, along with paying close attention to detail, is why I’m always confident in helping my clients reach their fullest potential. Let me help you achieve your fitness goals efficiently through an enjoyable experience! 

Norhidayat (YAT) 

Professional Experience 
9 years of experience in the Fitness Industry, 6 years of which was in the commercial sector and 4 years as a freelance coach, and the most common fitness training that most individuals need are: 

- Corrective training
- Mobility and Stability training
- Strength training
- Core and Functional movement 

Mix it up with Boxing and Muay Thai, and you’ll get a complete workout that works your whole body including hand and eye coordination during the padwork in the above mentioned sport (boxing and muaythai). 

Certifications & Qualifications 
- PTA Global
- Personal Training Foundation Course
- CPR + AED Certified (International Sports Science Association)
- Muaythai Kickboxing for Personal Trainers Level 1 & 2
- TRX Suspension training course
- Certified Fitness Coach (CFC) Level 1 

Personal Statement 
Nothing is guaranteed in life, likewise in fitness. Put in the hardwork, get the consistency going, maintain the discipline and the results will show for itself. It’s not about being superhuman, its about how super being human is.

Ong Wee Heng

Professional Experience
5 years of experience in the fitness industry. 3 years which was in the commercial sector and 2 years as a freelance coach.

Their main goals mainly include:
- Body recomposition
- Achieving healthier/ fitter lifestyle
- Strength training
- Rehabilitation from injuries
- Building muscle
- Fat loss
- Functional movement

Certifications & Qualifications
- ACE Certified Personal Trainer since 2018
- Personal Training Foundation Course (PTF)
- Rehab Express by MRC (Movement Restoration Coach)
- Rehab Fx by MRC (Movement Restoration Coach)
- Skillmill Trainer by Wellness Institute
- CPR + AED Certified (Agape First Aid Ptd Ltd)

Personal Statement
There is no miracle pill when it comes to doing anything, likewise with losing weight and trying to reach your fitness goals. It is about creating the lifestyle to improve your quality of life.
Nothing will work unless you do!
If you are willing to put in the work and consistency to change your life, I will be on board with you on this fitness journey to help you reach your goals. Do something today that your future self will thank you for."Goals should never be easy, they should force you to work, even if they are uncomfortable at the time"

Tiara Alicia

Professional Experience 
Over 4 years of experience in personal training - with experience in special needs training & over 10 years in competitive & recreational sea sports.

Their goals mainly include:
- Strength & Conditioning
- Muscle building
- Cardiovascular endurance
- Fat loss
- Balance, flexibility & mobility- Training & physical confidence
- Overall lifestyle improvement

Certifications & Qualifications 
- CPR & AED certification (National CPR Foundation)
- ACE Personal Training Certification (American Council of Exercise)

Personal Statement 
I truly believe fitness is a lifestyle. Physical fitness is a life-long journey rather than an 8-week program. Understand that progress comes in all forms, not just the weight on the scale or how heavy you can carry. Sometimes it’s feeling more confident in your body, achieving a more positive mindset or doing things you never thought you could. It’s a slow process but quitting won’t speed it up.

Iskandar Bin Saim

Professional Experience 
I have been coaching Martial Arts and Self Defense for almost 22 years. It has been my passion since young because both of my parents have been supporting me in fighting skills. I've been training overseas and locally for many years. Training in bodyguard escort too.

Their goals mainly include:
They want to build up self confidence, self esteem and as well as release stress due to work pressure and other issues. Also to protect themselves and their loved ones especially when they are on overseas trip.

Certifications & Qualifications 
- Certified in Muay Thai instructor level
- Certified in Brazilian Jiujitsu
- Certified MMA(Mixed Martial Arts Chief Instructor
- Certified Women Protection Skills Master Trainer
- Certified Personal Bodyguard Protection Escort
- Certified Streets Self Defense Instructor
- Certified Boxing Instructor
- Diploma in Police Defence tactics restraints and removal techniques

Personal Statement 
To achieve something, you have to really work and train hard. Dedicated and perseverance is the key to success. No excuses and be humble always.


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